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You Could Not Be Storing Your Masks Properly! (FTC)

Do you have face masks stashed everywhere? In the center console of your car, in your handbags, in your jacket pockets? Hold up! It's great to have masks readily available (good on you for being responsible), but you may need to reconsider how you're storing them, in order to ensure you're mitigating the spread of bacteria and viral particles.

Whether your mask is clean or dirty, you don't want it rubbing up against other surfaces you touch frequently. "Don't store it in your purse or loosely in your car, for example, because it can cause cross-contamination," Kristin Dean, MD, a family medicine physician and medical director of Doctor On Demand, told POPSUGAR.

"The best, most sanitary storage for our masks is in a cool, dry, breathable place that avoids contact with other surfaces," said Natasha Bhuyan, MD, family physician and West Regional Medical Director at One Medical.